There are new features for the iOS beta app!


Hi, we are developing a new iOS app:

Right now there is a beta preview. New features are added all the time. You can join easily! Just open this link on your iPhone or iPad:

If you have feedback or bug reports, please write an E-Mail to or open an issue at :slight_smile: It is highly appreciated.


New in Build 85

  • Upload (single) images and (multiple) files in the app (#146)
  • Open in another app (#132)

Known issue:

  • Account migration to new version not reliable yet - still too many moving parts. Better remove and re-create the account if you experience strange behaviour.

Added with Build 83

  • PDF viewer with search and TOC (#138)
  • Various fixes in Files app thanks to user feedback <3
  • Fixed login redirect thanks to user feedback <3
  • Fixed crashes on iPad (password manager and sharing logs)

Added with in Build 79

Finally: iOS Files app integration !! (#67)

  • Upload to Files app
  • Download in Files app
  • Edit and save files via Files app
  • Move, rename, delete in Files app


  • File size and dates in file list (#117)
  • Refined file preview (#131)
  • Settings > Logging

Added with Build 73

  • Menu for file/folder info and actions (#106)
  • Move of individual files/folders from menu (#110)
  • Move multiple files/folders with drag and drop (#110)
  • Better basic file preview (#114)

Added with Build 54

  • Touch ID and Face ID (#54)
  • File/folder deletion (#91)
  • File/folder rename (#102)
  • Filtering/search the current folder (#64)
  • Multi Language: de_DE, en_GB, en, es, ko, nb_NO, nn_NO, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru, sq, th_TH, zh_CN
  • Also: very basic file preview

Added in Build 34

  • Sort options for files and folders (#55)
  • Passcode lock with delay option and brute force (activate in “Settings”, no Touch ID and Face ID yet) (#34)

Added in Build 31

  • Account creation with OAuth 2.0 and basic auth
  • Edit, re-order and delete accounts (#38)
  • Inspect SSL-certificates
  • Folder navigation (online and offline)
  • Thumbnails in file view (#32)
  • Different themes (click “Help” on bottom left)