there is insufficient space available for some uploads


I’m a new user to OwnCloud. Now I have two questions for the desktop client on Windows 10. It will be highly appreciated if anybody could help me out.

Q1: there are two folders for sync to the server via Client. Size of the bigger folder (upper one in the image enclosed here) is about 30 GB. There are about dozen subfolders and almost 5000 files in this bigger folder. My question here is

will it improve sync efficiency if I create seperate folder for each of subfolders, instead of putting all of them into ONE folder?

Q2: The owncloud is installed on a hard drive of 400GB and 150GB is assigned to my account on the server. However I’ve got an alarm on Desktop client that says “there is insufficient space available for some uploads”. In fact there is 111GB available space on the server and I can still upload files to the server from web interface. I just want to figure out how this alarm has come up. Thank you.

Info given below may be helpful:

Operating system: Ubuntu 17.10.1

Web server: Apache 2.4.27

Database: MySql 5.7.22

PHP version: 7.1.17

ownCloud version:

Client version: 2.5.0

Operating system: Win 10 x64

OS language: Simplified Chinese

Installation path of client: C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud

Are you using external storage: no.

Are you using encryption: no

Are you using an external user-backend: no


Could you upgrade to the latest version to make sure you are not experiencing a bug that has been fixed in 10.0.10 and is maybe still in 10.0.3?

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if some file’s size display “Pending”(等候中) in owncloud web,

into the folder to calculate the folder size for all pending folder 。

in some case you can set the space size to limit and wait a moment for wait process to calculate the file size and than recover to original space size.