This ownCloud instance is currently in single user mode.


I have an ageing ownCloud install running which I am gradually migrating all users (and data to a brand new ans totally sepatare 10.x server.

However, I’ve noticed that my old 9.1.x server is complaining that its in single user mode when users try to log in and will only allow admin users to log in. I’ve tried running the OCC command to turn off maintenance mode but this has no effect despite it confirming that maintenance mode is turned off.

Can anyone help?

…aaaand a classic case of RTFM!

I ran the following command from within the owncloud web folder /var/www/owncloud/ which I didn’t research before (silly me).

sudu -u www-data php occ maintenance:singleuser --off

This seems to have solved it.

Hope it helps someone else? On to the upgrade!

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