Thousands of encrypted photos unreadable (bad signature)


After having my previous laptop stolen I wanted to sync my owncloud on the new one.

A lot of my photos cannot be decrypted (error 500 bad signature on the desktop client and unreadable from the web as well). I’m using the per-user encryption key, and those files are shared with another owncloud user (which has also bad signature for those files).

The files in the filesystem are encrypted (at least they are not unencrypted jpeg files).

A sample entry of oc_filecache that exibits the problem is :

      fileid: 590005
     storage: 1
        path: files/Famille/Photos/Archives/2019/album/20191026_112710.jpg
   path_hash: 63caa03eb4e39954320ce3fda30fec1f
      parent: 589045
        name: 20191026_112710.jpg
    mimetype: 9
    mimepart: 8
        size: 1241081
       mtime: 1572082030

storage_mtime: 1572082030
encrypted: 2
unencrypted_size: 0
etag: 07d21a1aecaed696ab31d0e65c08aea1
permissions: 27
checksum: SHA1:643083ab2518f7a78baf6576dfbb4ef66be183da MD5:f623ee75300772b5f88eef9679a7db77 ADLER32:6d699d8e

I’m happy to provide more infos, key files…

I’d really appreciate some pointers to restore those files. I have many backups of the encrypted store but they are useless if Owncloud cannot decrypt my files…

Thanks a lot!

Owncloud 10.5.0-1 on Ubuntu