Thumbnails in shared folder


In the gallery app it was possible to create a public link so that the user got a thumbnail view directly.

Now the Gallery app has been replaced by the New Media Viewer. How can I now create a public link that leads directly to a thumbnail view?

You can disable or uninstall the Media Viewer app and install/enable the Gallery app if you prefer it.
It is worth mentioning that you cannot have both enabled at the same time.

Hm, will the gallery app be further developed?
The Media Viewer app can not show a thumbnail view?

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No, and no.
But could you explain, in detail, how you did your link to thumbnail view?

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The normal public link is:

And with this version you get directly to a thumbnails view:

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OK, thanks. I wasn’t aware of this method to create links.

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Is there any other way besides going through the gallery app which is no longer being developed?

I’m afraid there is none.
Anyway, I’ll continue using the gallery app, at least as long it is possible. For me, it’s the preferred solution, even if ownCloud decided to go on with media viewer. And there is IMHO no need for further development in gallery app, it has all the features I need and no issues that I’m aware of.


With this link https://xxx.yyy/OwnCloud/index.php//apps/gallery/s/Zx3reXh0WrElcQb#[]
This link directly leads me to a thumbnail view

Thanks for providing this version

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