Tile preview of files

I have downloaded the latest appliance and am hosting it on VirtualBox. I am new to the whole application. The installed version appears to be 10.3.2 Yet I see a 10.4 on your site. I have tried the univention update but it claims I have the most recent version. However this is not my complaint. The issue I have is that i upload a folder of pictures then went to the web console and there is a grid in the upper right corner apparently for gallery but when clicked nothing at all populates. Is there an app, or plugin or add on that will allow one to to view their pictures on the web in a larger thumbnail “tiled” format?

This is a server issue, as you’re having a problem in the WebUI, therefore I moved your topic.
Yes there is an app, that is called gallery, unfortunately it is no longer supported and has been replaced with a new app that doesn’t support the tile view yet.
You have two options:

  1. Install the old app anyway.
  2. Wait until the new app supports it, thought that might be a while, unfortunately.
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