TImeout Problem Inhibiting Desktop Sync

Steps to reproduce
1. I attempt to reach https://inphinity.info/owncloud. I receive a website is not available.
2.When I open the desktop client (ver2.2.4) there is a message saying "No connection to owncloud at https://inphinity.info/owncloud, timeout.
3.I have not been able to sync files since Thursday or Friday 2/9 or 2/10/2017.



what was changed in your environment to get to this state?

Nothing of which I am aware. I am unable to get tot the inphinty.info website from any device.

I tried using another browser. The error I am getting from the diagnostics is "The resource (inphinity.info) is online but is not responding to connection attempts.

You probably need to start some debugging (newtork, logfiles on server etc.) on your own to find out why your website is not available anymore. If you have a webspace or shared hoster maybe also try to contact their support about this issue.

OK. That is what I thought, too. Tank you for your time.

Thank you, not tank you.