Timeout when uploading via a public link, but works fine when logged into ownCloud

One of my coworkers has generated a public link to our ownCloud share and sent it to a customer so that the customer can upload a large file. The problem is that, when attempting to upload via the public link, it appears to be working fine for about 30 seconds. Then at the top of the browser the message “Upload timeout for file “BigFile.txt”” appears. The customer sees this message, my coworker sees it when he tries to upload a big file, and I see it too.

Uploading small files via this public link works fine.

If I log into ownCloud and try to upload a very large (925 MB) file, it works just fine. Uploading this same file via the public link always fails after about 30 seconds.

So it appears that there’s a timeout or file size limit somewhere that applies to the public link but not when logged in. Any suggestions as to where to look would be greatly appreciated.

We’re running ownCloud Community Edition version

Thank you!

@KeithBrautigam logged-in users upload a big file in 10MB chunks. Public Link uploads transfer the big file at once. Often there are time- or size-limits configured at webservers. Please check the docs how to increase such limits:


@michaelstingl: Thank you.

In case this helps anyone in the future, well as the page linked to by Mr. Stingl mentions it could be a bunch of things. In my case it appears to have been the “LimitRequestBody” setting in Apache’s httpd.conf file.