To many active sessions

old sessions seem not to die even after login out

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i have to delete them manually .

This might be relevant:

You need to check if your background process manager ( cron) is running correctly.

Also might be a good idea to use the search function of this forum, because this forum is after all a for the users by the users forum.

i did search but didint find solution. all i read was to expensive to implement such cleaning functionality .
cron appears to run correctly

how do you know? Did you check you owncloud.log file?

Sep 17 07:00:01 vorman CRON[23013]: (www-data) CMD (/usr/bin/php -f /var/www/html/owncloud/cron.php)
also under general says ran 41 minutes ago

hmm, you are right, need to investigate this.

Could you open a ticket at GitHub?

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one thnig i just notice is every time i hit refresh a new session is started

Any update on this sessions from months still here


i would expect any updates in the reported issue/bugreport rather then here.

I believe this is solve now. Active sessions restricted to 1 day

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