TOTP after manual OC-Update


I use OC 9.1x in a shared Hosting in Germany (

The only way for me to update my OC there is to do the manual Update, which means deleting everything but \Config and \Data and then upload the new Files via FTP.

When I do so I will also delete my \Apps -Folder in which the TOTP-App is installed.
I can install it again after uploading the new OC-Files, but then, I fear, my Tokens are gone and I have to renew them all?
Or can I delete everything from the \Apps -Folder but not the Folder itsself and not \Apps\TOTP and then upload the new Files? But then TOTP will not be shown as installed?

Thanks in Forward!


Hi TJ!
usually an App would not write anything to the app folder.
The config of the App and also the token of the user should be saved in the database. An to my knowledge the TOTP App also does it this way (although I personally use another approach for 2FA).

So you should be save to delete the app folder and update.

Please note: When you delete the app folder, the TOTP 2FA functionality is not given anymore. And users can login with one factor!

Kind regards

Please refer to:

Also I think you can backup and import your apps

@cornelinux : Thank you!
TOTP will only not work during a short time, it will become active again when I´m finished withe the Update and installed the App again, right?

@voroyam: Thank you also!
I can´t find my manual Update-Way (deleting and uploading the nw files) in the Manual...?!

I have a 2nd OC with TOTP installed.
I will wait for the next release an then test what will happen when doing a Manual update.
Does anybody know what happens to App-Passwords? Are they also stored n the DB und not in the APP-Folder?


The App (or after all all apps) should store their data in the data base. So if you remove the app directory the configuration still remains in the database. After reinstalling the app directory everything shouldTM work as before.

Yes, so in your case when removing TOTP you are back to one factor auth. You could update the server. Still 1FA. Then you can reinstall the TOTP app and you have 2FA again.

Thank you very much!!