Transactionall File Locking

Deployed owncloud. Hardening it currently. Many orange-colored messages in Personal > Security

What the fuck is with docs? Its written that one should add some snippet to config/config.php

  1. Which config file in which directory?
  2. Any alternatives to owncloud?


You should consider how you write here.

This already seems hostile.

I doubt that. This is a forum for normal users. Production environment is mostly used by customers who have money to buy a support subscription.

Writing in an ownCloud forum asking for alternatives for ownCloud seems like trolling.


Instead oof boasting how superior you think you are, maybe you’d focus on helping me? This is what forum is for, dont you think?

“Shut up and help me!”. This is how you sound right now.

Would you help someone who is talking to you that way?

No one is getting payed to be here. No one has to help here.

Even me writing here to you is a try to help you getting some help by changing your tone.



i fully agree with @dimitry. Personally my motivation is quite low to help if some one starts a post with mostly nothing else then complains instead of focusing on the actual problem.

But maybe we can reset this thread to “zero” and could point to the following blog post where it seems some guidance is given how to contribute to the documentation to make it better understandable for everyone reading it: