Transfering OC from regular Server into new Docker

Dear experts!

I have installed OC on a regular Linux Server (Ubuntu LTS manual installation) a bunch of years ago. (latest update to OC 10.0.4).

Unfortunately, the server became too small for further upgrades as well as for OC data storage, so I need to move the “whole” system to new hardware.

I was thinking of using a NAS (Qnap/Synology) and maybe providing OC-Server in a docker.

The condition is: I can’t reconfigure (and especially not resync all data with) the clients connected.

So I need to transfer all data / database /config-files (and whatever is needed) in a whay (that after a weekend of work or so) the next Monday, all clients reconnect to the “new” system without noticing anything has changed.

I found a bunch of information on how to install the docker solutions, but none abt. “transferring” an existent OC to docker.

Can you kindly direct me to any information / documentation?
Do you have any recommendation for transferring best practice without the need of reconfiguring the clients (especially not resyncing/transferring files)?
Are there any crucial point abt. this idea?

I appreciate any help and tips!

thanks in advance!


so your main concern is that the sync clients will resync all their data?

If yes, this command will prevent this:

occ  maintenance:data-fingerprint        

Update the systems data-fingerprint after a backup is restored

Also if you do the migration - you can stop the web server and put ownCloud in to maintenance mode so no changes are written on storage and DB.

I would proceed like you are doing an upgrade, with all steps involved:

Best Regards