Translation of an own app

Hey there,

i build my own app for owncloud and want to add the translation functionality from ownCloud. All strings are within the t()-methods (javascript and php) and it is working great for the standard phrases.

So, i follow the steps in docs. But if i do so, i get the message: Can't open perl script "": No such file or directory

I searched the github account from owncloud to find the file, because i cannot find this file on my own testing environment (ownCloud, edition Community). So if i place the downloaded file into my l10n folder in /apps/myapp/l10n, then i can run the given script. I get the following response: Mode: reading

The templates folder was created in the l10n folder, but there are no files in it.

I appreciate any hints to solve my problem, because i cannot find anyone with the same problem. Maybe i do some weird stuff? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.

Have a nice day,

After i put a lot of time into perl scripting, i find out, that the dirs does not correctly been parsed, because there are no dirs. I fixed this with a simple force push in line 24-26:

} else {
	push( @found, $dir );

After this little fix, the script works perl read (without any app informations! This is currently not used anywhere in the script).
Maybe a perl expert can take a look into this and updates the script and doc. Thank you.


maybe the developers docs are outdated? I think you could post this on