Transport via https gets much better performance than that of WEBDAV

I am syncing hundrends of thousands of files with a windows desktop provided by Owncloud, however, the speed is really a problem. So I tried to upload those files via web page, and I found it works like a charm. So I want to upload all these files to the server prior to the first synchronization. Now the question is, whether it able to recognize those files correctly in the later synchronizations?

What do you mean with that? Going forward there will be a feature called "bundling" which will provide better performance for many small files. There is an operation the server has to do for every file and it takes some time ... Please keep in mind that the current 32bit Desktop Client for Windows fill have its limits around 500k files.

@ouchyoung just to clarify: webdav is a http protocol. Upload/download in webadv is done using http verbs GET and PUT.

Given this fact your subject is not that of reasonable.

Furthermore starting with ownCloud 9.0 we did move a lot operations in the web ui over to use webdav as well.
As a result there is no difference regarding uploads and downloads between web ui and sync clients.

What could be of a problem on your side is that the initial discovery phase can take pretty much time in case you are having a lot of files. But there is not much to be done - we need to get an understanding of the local state.

I mean, will the owncloud server recognize the files I uploaded via web page correctly and then synchronizes it with my desktop?

So I am confused. I monitored the transportation of my network (the server is directly connected to my desktop, thus I can monitor that network card). The speed via web page can reach an average of 4M/s, while that is only 1-2M/s for the windows synchronize client.

BTW, by using the samba protocol, it hit 100M/s and can keep an average of 20M/s.

BTW, is there a schedule for the "bundling" feature? Thanks!

This project is currently in research mode - no release has been planned up to now

What is the size of the files you are syncing?

it's around 200k files and 180G. the client reported it needs more than 800 years to finish the synchronization

I mean the average size of the files?

Not sure, it varies a lot. From several bytes to 2 GB, and if you do want an average size, just divide 180G by 200k. :slight_smile:

Interesting @ouchyoung , will research that. Browser is also a sync client in a sense though. However, mind that in the desktop client, you need to go through the discovery phase, to check what is at the remote. In the browser you just issue the requests as the files gets moved to the browser, no discovery involved (you are the discovery in this case :>)

It's strange though. I tried to connect the server with another WebDAV client (WinSCP), it was laggy and also failed to response time to time. I also tried WebDrive, it got the same situation. I tried to connect it with Windows 10, failed at the ssl certification stage. I last tried connect it with macOS, it's also laggy and I didn't success in transfer any single file, it reported the file was tranfering, but didn't end until I closed it after 20 minutes, it was only a file of 21KB.

Those I never tried :> Only desktop, mobile and web