Trash for a shared folder


it’s about a shared folder. A user has deleted a file from it. I can’t find it in my trash.

Is there a way to set the recycle bin so that a file ends up in my recycle bin even if it has been deleted by another user?

There is something wrong; it should be there. I assume the file was deleted in an unusual/illegal way, so that the deletion was not recognized.

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Yes, that’s right. I looked in the trash for the first time yesterday. And today the files that were there yesterday are gone. It looks like the trash is emptying very quickly.

In a first step I now have the line

‘trashbin_retention_obligation’ => ‘90’,

added to the config.php. I will continue to watch this.

According file config/config.sample.php:

* * `auto`
*     default setting. Keeps files and folders in the deleted files for up to
*     30 days, automatically deleting them (at any time) if space is needed.
*     Note: files may not be removed if space is not required.

So, could it be, that you run out of space? I never had any trouble with this feature.

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I do not think so. But now it seems to be working…

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