Trashbin_retention_obligation clarification questions

I have genraly got my head around this but few things I am trying to work out.

Firstly the two paremeters, say I am doing 60,90. My understanding is this means always keep files for 60 days and attempt to keep for 90 if there is diskspace. Is this corect?

Also does this mean it will always delete files after 90 days? This seems correct and is great as you can still look at how full the disk is to get a indication of if you are getting near to capacity. If it just kept suff forever it would be dificult to asses how you are to capacity.

Second question is does ownclouud start deleteing old files (obviously not ones protected my the first parameter) due to disk filling up when it is 100% full or does it do it when it is nearly full (i.e. 90%)?

If so is there a parameter that can be set to change this threshold, i.e. to 80%? Maybe something loke 60,auto does something clever in this respect?

Regards, Ben

I answered in your other post what the numbers mean, but in conclusion the first number is minimum days kept and the second is maximum kept. If you set the if you set Trashbin_retention_obligation to 60,auto, every deleted file will be kept for at least 60 days, and if your total trashbin size reaches 50% of your total user quota, files in the trashbin will be deleted starting with the oldest file.You can also set it to auto,90, in this case files will be deleted anytime space is needed, and also deleted after 90 days. the trashbin quota is always 50% and can’t be changed.

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Thanks, great explination.

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