Tray icon disappears after ~1 hour

I launch the ownCloud desktop client on Windows 7 startup with a delay. I don’t use the built-in option in the client itself. I use Windows Task Scheduler for that.
The only problem is that after a while the tray icon disappears. Like, in an hour, you hover your mouse over the icon and it disappears. The client is running, the sync is working, it’s just the icon. Can somebody tell me if there’s anything I can do to make it not vanish?

I would recommend to try to get client logs and see whether there is a message about this.

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@gu162011 Could you verify with Win 8.1 or Win 10? Win 7 won’t be supported any longer.

No, I cannot :cold_sweat:

Okay, I got the logs. What specifically do I look for?

An error message, specifically at the time of failure.

[ debug sync.database.sql ]	[ OCC::SqlQuery::exec ]:	SQL exec "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS downloadinfo(path VARCHAR(4096),tmpfile VARCHAR(4096),etag VARCHAR(32),errorcount INTEGER,PRIMARY KEY(path));"

[ debug sync.database.sql ]	[ OCC::SqlQuery::exec ]:	SQL exec "SELECT lastTryEtag, lastTryModtime, retrycount, errorstring, lastTryTime, ignoreDuration, renameTarget, errorCategory, requestId FROM blacklist WHERE path=?1 COLLATE NOCASE"

[ debug sync.database.sql ]	[ OCC::SqlQuery::exec ]:	SQL exec "SELECT tmpfile, etag, errorcount, path FROM downloadinfo"

strings like these were the only ones with “error” in them