Trouble connecting to ownCloud appliance (hosted on OSX gateway/router) from internet



I've searched for similar solutions, but can't seem to find an answer to my specific challenge...

I downloaded and installed the latest ownCloud appliance (Ubuntu 14.04 + OC 9.1) on Virtualbox, and have it running nicely. The host is an old MacMini 2,1 which is also my internet gateway/router for my LAN. it has two NICs (one for WAN & one for LAN).

My network looks like this:

internet -->-- [WAN IP] modem/router [] -->-- [] MacMini gateway/router (VBox + OC appliance) [] -->-- LAN/Airport Extreme Switcher & WiFi AP

Currently my MacMini is working well as a gateway, stable and secure. The OC9.1 appliance is working well, and VBox has two virtual NIC's bridged to the two physical NIC's of the MacMini.

VBox External/WAN NIC =
VBox Internal/LAN NIC =

OC can access the internet and LAN. Each device on my LAN can access OC at, and that works great. But I can't seem to get access to OC from the internet.

Things I've done:
1. I have a DDNS service ( which gets my WAN IP from ddclient running on OSX.
2. Created NAT rules in my modem/router from WAN (using ports in the 2**** range) to ports 80 & 443.
3. Edited my /config/config.php file to contain each IP and domain I'll be accessing the OC sever from (including:, &, and****)
4. Tested by turning off firewall on OSX & VBox appliance.

However, I just can't seem to get it to work.

I have tried pagekite, and it does work, but it's not a free service. And as I'll be moving large video files around it will begin to not look so cheap after a while.

Any help would be really appreciated.



as Networking issues are unrelated to ownCloud (oC is just a web application served by your webserver) i'm moving this to the Miscellaneous category.

If people in here are not able to help you might need to start with learning the basics of network debugging (ping, traceroute, nmap,...) and pages like:


Thanks for the reply, and the links.

I'm thinking it might have something to do with the appliance, so I was hoping someone here may know more about it. Also, I've been on the VBox Forum discussing the problem, and they seem to think it has something to do with the way the appliance has been built, or the way OC is responding/listening to ports 80 or 443.

At this stage I'm thinking it might be better to set up a dedicated linux gateway/router that can to the port forwarding/NAT instead of my modem/router. Anyone have thoughts on that?

Any help would be appreciated.



i highly doubt that this is somehow related on how the appliance or oC itself. Especially:

is wrong in this case for the reason explained here:

Most likely you have some networking issues with the configuration of the VirtualBox Network setup (Bridged, NAT, ...). There are too many pitfalls in such setups.


That was my initial thought too, as VirtualBox can be a fickle application to set up right, especially the way I'm running it (Server with gateway/router/firewall AND running OC). So you're dead right... many pitfalls. I also realise the appliance is really just been designed to run as VM attached to a LAN, so what I'm doing is a little unorthodox.

I could possibly be the way OS X is passing traffic from the modem/router to VBox. Is there anyone running OC on OSX 10.7 in this fashion that might be able to help me troubleshoot?


It turns out my router was not forwarding port properly. I had it working with Seafile Server without a problem, so I presumed it would work with ownCloud as well. When it didn't I thought it may have had something to do with ownCloud or VirtualBox.

As it turned out, all my settings were correct, I just had to keep resetting the router until the configuration finally 'stuck'. Others users of that router have also experienced problems, so if it persists, I'll have to look at a different model. Thanks RealRancor for your help regardless.