Trusted source of apk file



HI guys!
i am new at mod app and i haven't found any source of apk file. Can you show me some trusted sources? Thanks a lot!


Source of the ownCloud app for Android is in .

Source of the ownCloud library for Android (used also by the ownCloud app) is in .


Nice. thanks for your sharing. it is very useful!


Henan, maybe I didn't understand you correctly.

My previous links are for the source code of the app. You will have to build the APK by yourself.

If you are searching for the built APK, the official build from ownCloud GmbH is in Google Play Store, in next link :


davivel, thanks, I have tried download at this site:
Do you think it will work? Anyway, I also try to download from google play and I will use this file to make sure everything is ok.


Closing here and removing the apk download as it seems those two users trying to push one apk page to make some advertising.