Try to understand hardlinks policy in ownCloud

I was looking for Issues and other ressources explaining problems with hardlinks in ownCloud. The topic looks complex. And because of the complexity and the hugh amount of postings I wasn't able to find out what is the current state of that topic and if or how it could be resolved.

So this question here is not primary a technical one. It is more a "how will the ownCloud team" handle that topic?

I tested it with a Linux and Win10 client. I created two hard-linked files on my Linux (Debian GNU/LInux unstable) and synced it to the server (where I am not the admin!). I checked the inode number with ls -li. It was a hard link.

Then I synced it to my Win10 (my boss doomed me with it!) machine. There I checked the FileID with fsutil file queryfileid <filename>. They are not the same. So it isn't a hard link on Win10.

Is there a way to solve it?

Are there planes to support that in ownCloud? What would be the current official Issue/Ticket about it?


please note this is a user-based support forums. If you have problems, questions or issues with technical stuff concerning development of ownCloud or its sync client please always use the specific github issue trackers.

For this specific question / issue you can do a search on to find the information about this topic (most people in here would need to do the same).

There you can also ask for more info, create a new issue if something is not working as expected or ask for more documentation at e.g.

As I tried to explain I did a search on the Issues of course. There are to much.

I need an official statement of the devs about that complex(!) topic. Isn't that forum the right place for it?

Not really as there are mostly just users online here helping each other. :confused: Devs are mostly active at the mentioned issue trackers. Some devs are getting more active here but still you might get better answers at the issue tracker. An alternative would be the #owncloud-client-dev IRC channel on freenode.

Just stumbled over this:

owncloud client 2.0 will sync hard links


This issue definitly doesn't fit here. I will open a new one with concrete description.