Trying to modify some graphic interface in windows client

hello every one
I trying to recompile the ownCloud client to change some GUI and add additianal languages.
I follow the the instructions in building page and using craft to compile the client app but i can’t get how to modify the source code and build it again with craft(i change some but when run craft again it say no changes)
i also trying Generic Build Instructions but i get some strange errors
can some one help me to recompile the client, it doesn’t matter witch way

What exact commands did you perform? What’s the exact output?

thanks for your reply
why i cant send link here!
i follow instructions in the building client link in the github repo and final command i do was
craft owncloud-client
and the output was a EXE file and it’s run correctly. now i want change some icons i don’t know where is the source code downloaded. i change the code in C:\CraftRoot\download\git\owncloud\owncloud-client\src directory but not worked(when changing and then run craft owncloud-client command it say owncloud/owncloud-client is up to date, nothing to do).
can you tell me where should i change to able to recompile(i’m not sure i should change the source code in that directory or some where else) and how to recompile it. thanks

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