Two factor authentication - One Time Password

I recently updated a two factor authentication app ( which now does not support ownCloud anymore.
As a result, I have no more two factor authentication on my ownCloud server. Is there any alternative?

@DeepDiver1975 @hodyroff
2FA is one of the key features of OC 9.1. Any plans to fork the repo and make it compatible with OC again?

0.4.1 as published on the appstore is still compatible with owncloud -

To expect that after the fork nc devs are activly maintaining oc compatibility is not to be expected.
As explained on another post here - I see no compromise in working together.
Both companies/communities are competing.

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If there is a good reason that a newer version is needed, I am sure we will find somebody to fork it. Was done with contacts and calendars. Generally independent community members seem to continue to publish for both - which is possible if there is some will. Of course, as you see and have catched before employees of the fork have a different interest.

@DeepDiver1975 Exactly this is not the case here. The app can't be enabled from within ownCloud as you're getting an "Signature could not get checked. Please contact the app developer and check your admin screen." message and the yellow integrity banner when doing so.

This is also e.g. reported at the appstore, as well as on e.g. [1]. However the app developer denies to fix this signature issue [2].



You can download and extract it into your apps folder. Then enable the version 0.4 from within the "Not enabled" category.

It seems that already happened in November last year:

This is a good method, I used it and it fixed the problem.

It still would make sense to tell the app developer that he is distribution an app via the ownCloud infrastructure ( to all ownCloud users which is:

  1. Not install-able on ownCloud
  2. Causing a yellow integrity warning when enabling the app as the app is not signed correctly for ownCloud users

There is now version 0.4.2 of that app which is correctly signed:

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