Two Fator Authentication and CalDAV

I'm using ownCloud 10.0.3 with the Two Factor TOTP Provider 0.4.3 app.
This works just fine for web login and desktop/mobile device ownCloud client connection.
But, it doesn't seem to work with CalDAV (or CardDAV?) as there is no way to enter an app password. Is this correct? Is it by design and is there any way around it?

It should work by using the generated app password as replacment for your regular password.

Thanks DeepDiver1975 but when connecting from, say Thunderbird to ownCloud calendar and contacts there is no opportunity to enter an app password.

I dont use/know thunderbird. I use Evolution - and there the password dialog pops up.

If a password is required but unknown, Thunderbird/Lightning will ask for a it as well.

That's what I thought but when I create a new calDAV calendar in Thunderbird to connect to my ownCloud calendar it immediately greys out and does not ask for a password.