[ubuntu 18.04.2] ownCloud does not mount local storage


I am using the latest version of ownCloud on Ubuntu 18.04.2
I have a hard drive with NTFS partition which is mounted automatically by ubuntu in /media/user/DATA

When I try to mount the hard drive in ownCloud, it fails.
When I try to mount /media/user, it works but not when I try to mount /media/user/DATA.

I think it is a user’s rights problem but I don’t know how to solve it.

Thank you for your help!


You are correct, it most definitely is. I just did a quick google of your problem and found the following solution, you will have to adjust it to NTFS

Instead of automount and NTFS I would recommend to use a linux native filesystem, mount with fstab and create folders with the correct user permissions inside. You should be able to migrate your data from the NTFS partition to this new partition.

And there is no advantage of using NTFS (as far as I can see it, so prove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue: ), as you can’t just unplug the drive, add some files in there while your ownCloud is offline and plug it back in. It’s not advisable to add files into the data folder without going through ownCloud itself.

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