Ubuntu 20.04 owncloud client showing signed-off after web-browser login


I have installed a owncloud-client on Ubuntu 20.04 and i seem to have a problem making it work.
It installs ok and then when i try to sign-in - it asks me to sign in through web browser (vivaldi) windows.
I sign in through that window but client still behaves as if i did not?

Is this a known bug or something new? Am i doing something wrong?

I pasted logs from client that i collected during the process…
Client is version: 2.5.1
Please if anyone could tell me where is the problem?

Thank you!

Expected behaviour

After web browser log in i expect to see a nice gui where i could setup my directories for sync.

Actual behaviour

On the upper task bar i see owncloud client icon darkened, After right click menu is displayed showing me that i am still signed off even after web browser successfull sign-in.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Installed owncloud linux client on ubuntu using apt and official repository
  2. clicked on the ubuntu client icon from the app menu
  3. Window is displayed where i enter the URL of my owncloud server instance
  4. Web browser vivaldi (chrome derivate) opens a login window to my server
  5. I enter login credentials and i am successfully signed-in (in the browser)

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04

Web server: Apache

Database: Mysql

PHP version: 7.4

ownCloud version: 10.9.1

Storage backend (external storage): none

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.1

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04

OS language: English

Qt version used by client package (Linux only, see also Settings dialog):

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only): ownCloud

Installation path of client:


Please use Gist (https://gist.github.com/) or a similar code paster for longer

01-28 20:48:22:865 [ info sync.clientproxy ]:	Set proxy configuration to use system configuration
01-28 20:48:23:214 [ info gui.application ]:	No configured folders yet, starting setup wizard
01-28 20:48:26:104 [ info gui.updater ]:	Skipping update check because of config file
01-28 20:48:55:730 [ info gui.wizard ]:	No system proxy set by OS
01-28 20:48:55:730 [ info sync.accessmanager ]:	2 "" "https://cloud.mydomain.sk/status.php" has X-Request-ID "741c6a60-2060-4dab-8dda-3d3f0a67c277"
01-28 20:48:55:731 [ info sync.networkjob ]:	OCC::CheckServerJob created for "https://cloud.mydomain.sk" + "status.php" "OCC::OwncloudSetupWizard"
01-28 20:48:56:035 [ info sync.networkjob.checkserver ]:	status.php returns:  QJsonDocument({"edition":"Community","installed":true,"maintenance":false,"needsDbUpgrade":false,"productname":"Nipponfest Hangukon Cloud","version":"","versionstring":"10.9.1"})   QNetworkReply::NoError  Reply:  QNetworkReplyHttpImpl(0x55d2ee56cf20)
01-28 20:48:56:036 [ info sync.networkjob.determineauthtype ]:	Determining auth type for QUrl("https://cloud.nipponfest.sk/remote.php/webdav/")
01-28 20:48:56:036 [ info sync.accessmanager ]:	2 "" "https://cloud.mydomain.sk/remote.php/webdav/" has X-Request-ID "fce72068-31c9-41bb-b6fa-6d5b08185f63"
01-28 20:48:56:037 [ info sync.networkjob ]:	OCC::SimpleNetworkJob created for "https://cloud.mydomaint.sk" + "" "OCC::Account"
01-28 20:48:56:038 [ info sync.accessmanager ]:	6 "PROPFIND" "https://cloud.mydomain.sk/remote.php/webdav/" has X-Request-ID "204a98d3-6ebc-40fa-b678-3fc3f830ea7d"
01-28 20:48:56:038 [ info sync.networkjob ]:	OCC::SimpleNetworkJob created for "https://cloud.mydomain.sk" + "" "OCC::Account"
01-28 20:48:56:198 [ info sync.networkjob.determineauthtype ]:	Auth type for QUrl("https://cloud.mydomain.sk/remote.php/webdav/") is 1```

Please use latest 2.10 version:
The Desktop App for efficient syncing - ownCloud

Thanks for the suggestion.

I purged the old version, added repository for Ubuntu 20.04.
Installed new version.

Same problem happens…

I log in through browser and the main client still behaves as if i did not log ine and offers me the option to re-open browser window which i have tried and a window where im logged into my owncloud server instance is opened.

Could you please explain to me how the client detects that a user has logged into owncloud server instance using browser?

Anybody else experiencing a similar or identical issue?

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