Ubuntu desktop client monochrome icon files location?

I'm running the latest desktop sync client (2.2.4) on Ubuntu 16.04 and I would like to understand more about the location of the monochrome icons displayed in the status menu.

Typically applications store these in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/, and I see many ownCloud icons there, but no monochrome ones.

If I try

gdbus call --session --dest com.canonical.indicator.application --object-path /com/canonical/indicator/application/service --method com.canonical.indicator.application.service.GetApplication

I get the location /tmp/iconcache-nfcjVp which has the monochrome icons.

Since /tmp/ is temporary, I'd like to understand what process is creating these monochrome icons and storing them in /tmp/. Can anyone please explain? Ultimately I would like to create custom icons and use them, but this is not possible for items which only exist in /tmp/ obviously.

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Did you try to list the files inside the .deb?

I have no idea. I know that there are many interesting things happening around the Ubuntu desktop, so I would recommend to bring this question up in an Ubuntu community forum. Sorry.