Ubuntu MATE/Caja: ownCloud-client icons not visible

Expected behaviour

In Ubuntu MATE’s File-Manager Caja the ownCloud-client icons should be visible for the ownCloud-shared folders and files.
The packages “owncloud-client” and “caja-owncloud” are installed.

Actual behaviour

The ownCloud-client specific icons are not visible in Caja and/or Nautilus.

Steps to reproduce

  1. OS: Ubuntu MATE 18.04
  2. Install and configure package “owncloud-client”

sudo apt update && sudo apt install owncloud-client && sudo apt install caja-owncloud

  1. Configure any folder to be shared with owncloud and browse to the folder within Caja or Nautilus.

Server configuration

ownCloud version: 10.0.9 (2018-07-17)

Client configuration

Client version: 2.4.1+dfsg-1

Operating system: Ubuntu MATE 18.04

OS language: German

is this your one and only client installation ?

Hello dmitry.

No, I have a Windows system which accesses the same folders.
The files are stored on a separated HDD (NTFS formatted), auto-mounted by MATE.

(The both OS’es are not running at the same time.)

That’s not what I meant :slight_smile:

If you install the ownCloud client on the same system ( your PC ) more than one time - you can screw up the icons.

I would recommend you to try a reinstall and see if it helps you.


I did a

sudo apt remove owncloud-client

and afterwards re-installed via

sudo apt install owncloud-client


This was of no help. Is this sufficient or am I missing something?

Try to install owncloud-client-caja from our opensuse repo.

This is Ubuntu upstream package. Try to remove all traces and then get the ownCloud.com packages. (just clarifying on @dmitry)

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This solved the problem.

1.) Removed all Ubuntu MATE ownCloud packages:
sudo apt purge owncloud*

2.) Adding openSuse repository:

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/isv:/ownCloud:/desktop/Ubuntu_18.04/ /'

3.) Getting and adding openSuse repo key
wget -q http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/isv:ownCloud:/desktop/Ubuntu_18.04/Release.key -O- | sudo apt-key add -

4.) Adding ownCloud packages from new repository
sudo apt update
sudo apt install owncloud-client-caja

ownCloud icons are now displayed in Caja as well as there is a now a “ownCloud”-context menu item on right click of a file (with ability to share file etc.)

Best regards

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