Ubuntu upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04

I recently upgraded Ubuntu 16.04 with a working Owncloud version
all went well with the Ubuntu upgrade but Owncloud failed to operate with a notification on the web-browser that PHP cURL was not installed.
My other Apache2 applications were all operating correctly though.
I am not aware of any owncloud ppa for the installation or upgrade of Owncloud .
after some research, I discovered that I needed Owncloud on version 10.0.10 to accommodate the php7.2 that the Ubuntu upgrade installed. I downloaded Owncloud from the website.
I located the manual owncloud upgrade at https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/maintenance/manual_upgrade.html
I used the power user upgrade procedure.
This procedure failed to upgrade my system to a working version of Owncloud. (thank goodness I backed everything up)
I then discovered that in the upgrade of Ubuntu, that PHP-pgsql was not installed (I had previously converted database to PostgreSQL)
I tried again (actually there were several attempts before I got it right) and the upgrade appeared to work, but still failed with the no curl notice on the web-browser.
after many more searches on the web, I found the missing command that fixed the problem. The problem was that both php7.0 and php7.2 were installed side by side which is apparently legal. (in my situation there were no other versions of php installed)
I did install other php software as I though maybe the nextcloud installed phps might fix my problem. So I dont know if any of those were required to fix my problem but I doubt it

in any case I found the following suggestion from:
Michaelng on next-cloud suggested to someone else
" I guess you installed PHP7.2 after using PHP7.0? As different PHP versions can be installed beside each other, did you assure that Apache uses 7.2? E.g.: a2dismod php7.0 a2enmod php7.2"

So I disabled php7.0 and everything seems to operate correctly now. (php7.2 was already enabled at least due to my many failed attempts to fix the problem)

I would suggest someone upgrade the upgrade instructions to on the website for the manual upgrade of an existing Owncloud system to include notes to

  1. if using postgres to ensure the php-pgsql is installed.
  2. if multiple php version were installed use the a2dismod to disable the older versions of php and a2enmod to enable the php7.2 version.

hopefully these notes may also help someone else.


i think its always good if such information are available for others struggling with the same setup issues. :+1:

But i’m not sure if the ownCloud documentation is the right place for it. As a user i’m expecting such upgrading instruction of the OS and PHP in the documentation of either the operating system or even PHP and not within the documentation of hundreds or thousands software products using PHP or a specific OS.

Tom42, I understand your point but in my case Apache and php seemed to be working fine as were my other web based applications. Therefore I was looking for what the problem was with Owncloud. As I said, I had to upgrade manually because owncloud would not run. So, I figure if I or someone else gets far enough to determine it was an owncloud issue that had to be upgraded by hand, a couple of notes in the manual upgrade process makes sense to me. But in the end, it is up to the maintainers of the document to decide.
In any case, just getting the issue in the FAQ ought to be a help to those who run into the same problem I did.
have a good day.


i think this is indeed true. But i’m not sure if you can reach the maintainers of the documentation at this forums. :confused:

IIRC such topics needs to go to one of the github issue trackers.

I upgraded Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 with a working Owncloud version too. If was working directly, but the server was freezing every day. I looked for updates and noticed a problem with clamav update, which was rejected. I installed clamav new and it removed php-curl modules and crashed owncloud, what was already updated to 10.0.10. I was able to fix the curl problem. I put a drive image from 16.04 over the new installation of 18.04 and it is working without freezing of server. I think it is better to wait until ubuntu 18.04 is stable.

I was testing an update from 16.04 - 18.04 and after I’ve sorted out the php problems I noticed I can’t see files on smb shares. I can mount the share but no folders show up, while on 16.04 I can mount and see the folders/files
Same account was used while testing this

Hey @Pikmin,

i think it could make sense to create a new thread about this new problem.

No worries, will do that

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