Ubuntu VM Shared folder

Dear all, I hope somebody can help.

I have setup a shared folder and correctly enabled local sharing on config.php

my problem right now is that I have no idea where to locate the folder in the guest OS Ubuntu. I need to find the path in order to render it available in Owncloud.
I am using Virtualbox provided on the owncloud website which use univention.

Can somebody tell me where are the folders mount so I can use that path?

I also have another problem. For some reason the Virtualbox filemanager si all grayed out and I do not know how to do about it. I can only try locate via command line.

It might be better to ask on the univention forums.
I think the VM has ownCloud installed with docker, but I don’t know if the docker volume is exposed. They probably can give you a better advice on how to do it (if it’s possible).


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