UCS License Request Issue

When I tried to submit a license request, ownCloud asked for a license file to activate, just like the documentation says it should.
Unfortunately, the email from UCS congratulated me on activation but did not include any files. This seems to be a miscommunication between UCS and ownCloud, but I’m not sure.

Has anybody had a similar problem and resolved it? Or do I just need to wait until UCS and ownCloud fix it?


you can request the license again. Have you tried it?

You can PM me your email and I will contact the engineers from Univention.



we have same problem, we tried multiple times but it did not work, we do not any email.
Can you please help us?

Thank you

Please don’t ask the same questions in multiple topics, especially not on a two years old topic if you have already opened a new one. Follow up in License was not send to email