UCS user and password

我安装了虚拟机 VMWARE的版本 Univention-App-owncloud-vmware 配置好后。 进入了UCS登录界面。 找不到用户名和密码 我配置的密码是00000000 用户名是joch 麻烦懂的人告诉我下 UCS是怎么登录的

Hello everyone:
I installed the version of the virtual machine VMWARE, and when Univention-App-owncloud-vmware is configured. Entered the UCS login screen. I can't find the username and password. My password is 00000000. The user name is Joch. The person who knows the problem tells me how to log in under the UCS

Go to

and log in with

Username: Administrator

and the password that you created during the initial wizard.

Then you will be logged int to the UCS and from there you will have access to ownCloud

thanks !
i get it vmware
The network is not connected