UI File browser Improvement for media files



Hi there, I wanna propose a request for a feature that i´am missing in OwnCloud, I work as a producer and can really see me and my collaborators using OwnCloud but I´am missing one thing.
We are using a lot of samples, instruments and audio media files in our projects, and for that it would be perfect to have the following feature, attached a mock-up image.

  1. On the cover art of a file there should be a play/pause button on audio media files
  2. A preview bar should be over the file name when i press play to be able to fast scroll thru a track/sample.


Do you use the audio player app? https://central.owncloud.org/t/update-audio-player-1-3-0/3934/1

@Rello might be interested in such ideas and also support from the community.


Hi, have written to the AudioPlayer forum aswell.


so we can mark this as solved here:
ref: https://github.com/Rello/audioplayer/issues/88


Haven't gotten any reponse from any users/admins in any of the other places, don't seem to be much activity there, but on the other hand I feel that this is not just a audioplay feature på also OC native, could be the same with pictures if you hoover over a picture you could get a small preview..


You posted it on github 4h ago, 3h ago it was marked as an enhancement. And the app is again actively supported:

This is a community app and the developers of this app are probably doing this in their free time. If the development is not fast enough, check out if you can help them in any way.


When enabling Audio Player, one-click-play will be available in the file browser - also without scanning the library.
The feature of scroll bar is complicated as the file app would need to be tweaked.

....where did you post your request already? Did not see it...


Hi @Rello, posted a couple of place not sure where now, the problem with the one-click player is that it's not possible to scroll in the audio files, for instance if I have a vocal for a song there can be up to 2 mins of silence before there is sound, long time to sit and wait when you have 100 files to choose between :slight_smile: