Unable to access owncloud after start enterprise trial

I Followed the steps and I'm on step 3 :

  1. Start the Trial in your ownCloud Market App

In the Market App, click the "Start Enterprise Trial" button and install the Enterprise Apps.

Note: Since ownCloud X (10.0) the Market App is installed by default. For details see Market App detail page.

After clicking Start Enterpries Trial, I'm unable to access owncloud anymore.




how did you install ownCloud?

Hi @dmitry

I used the OVA file to install owncloud.



Okay, when did you encounter this error?

Also, have you updated the market app before starting the trial?

It's strange that you get this error, since last week the new 10.0.4 app is released and we tested yesterday and had this exact error with 10.0.3 but in 10.0.4 it was gone.

Can you reinstall the OVA File and look for the ownCloud Version before you start the trial?

Hi @dmitry

Do you happen to have a link for the OVA the one I'm getting in the provided link of owncloud happens to be giving me



I downloaded yesterday the OVA from the owncloud.org site, and it was 10.0.4.

I think something went wrong during the download or installation process. just download the Appliance again and set it up.

Hi @dmitry,

Unfortunately it's still on my end

I know :slight_smile:

just download it, I did it yesterday.

The website does not know about what version is inside the VM.

Now it shows the correct verion:

ok i'll download the ESX image again

Thanks dmitry! I'll let you know if it works

I thought you use the ova Virtual Box image O_o

I am downloading it too, and will try to set up an enterprise trial, just to be sure :slight_smile: