Unable to access Owncloud through web link

I am using Owncloud on a dedicated server.
I was using owncloud version 10.4.0 I wanted to update from ownCloud general settings (10.8.0).
Only since this update I can no longer access my page from my cloud.
I have this message since yesterday:

This instance of ownCloud is undergoing maintenance, it may take some time. This page will refresh on its own when the ownCloud instance is available again. Please contact your system administrator if this message persists or appears unexpectedly. Thank you for your patience.

Why do I have this message?

Thank you

Did you forget to turn off maintenance mode after upgrading?

occ maintenance:mode --off

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Sorry I don’t know this is my first time updating. Where do I enter the code you put above? in the terminal? Because I’m on Mac

Shell on the ownCloud server.

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I modified the config.php file to ‘maintenance’ => true, replacing with ‘maintenance’ => false,
So the page below is displayed.

So I click on start the update but here is what is displayed after a few moments:

Do not use the web installer. I’d recommend to follow the steps described in
Manual ownCloud Upgrade.

But honestly, I don’t know how to interpret your error dump.


You have got additional files in your ownCloud directory which do not belong to your installation, I guess you copied them there by mistake.

Delete the mentioned files and the error message will vanish, see Code Signing :: ownCloud Documentation

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Which additional files ?

all the files mentioned in your second screen shot

I managed to find a solution to my problem.
In the file /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf I replaced max_allowed_packet = 1M by max_allowed_packet = 4M and it works


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