Unable to change Profile picture when LDAP directory has none



Steps to reproduce

  1. Sign in with LDAP account on an LDAP directory that does not provide profile pictures
  2. Navigate to Settings/General
  3. Attempt to add profile picture

Expected behavior:

  1. Click button
  2. Upload image file
  3. Crop
  4. Save file
  5. Enjoy fancy new profile picture

Actual behavior

  1. There is no option to upload profile picture

Additional information

  • "Picture provided by original account" in displayed under generic letter avatar
  • LDAP directory (JumpCloud in my instance) does not provide a means of including profile pictures


OS: Debian GNU/Linux 9.3 (stretch)
Package: ownCloud Build Service stable (10.0.4-1.1)

Symptom still present in latest stable package from ownCloud Build Service (10.0.7-1.1).

I'm not sure if something changes here if it is not reported as a bug/feature request? at the ownCloud bugtrackers.


It seems the documentation currently says:

If the jpegPhoto or thumbnailPhoto attribute is not set or empty, then users can upload and manage their avatars on their ownCloud Personal pages. Avatars managed in ownCloud are not stored in LDAP.

so i think a bugreport is required.

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I was mostly looking for confirmation from anyone else experiencing similar symptoms and feedback as to whether a bug report was wanted over at https://github.com/owncloud/user_ldap/issues

Since I have found no open or closed reports of this symptom in the Github issues, I can migrate the details from my OP into an issue.

just did a fresh install of 10.0.9 today.
confirmed the same issue, unable to change profile pix for LDAP user.
for us, LDAP users has profile pix defined in thumbnailPhoto on LDAP, however photo does not get loaded into owncloud.
would be nice if owncloud has to option to 1) load photo from LDAP 2) upload its own photo 3) using avatars like in previous version.

@godwin Hey,

it seems the relevant issue @LinkP has created can be found at:

Version 0.12.0 published to the marketplace on 4 Nov 2018 restores the expected functionality, although finding the clickable portion of the buttons may be tricky due to a CSS overlap bug in OC core.

See https://github.com/owncloud/user_ldap/pull/256 for more detail on that.

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