Unable to connect with the android application (VPN)




I know my case maybe specific but for a paid application, it should be possible.
My phone is always connected through a VPN, the same VPN is hosting the owncloud server. So I have to enter the ip to connect to owncloud in https.
When I do, I have a message saying "secure connection is redirected through an unsecured route" because the certificate is for the fqdn and not the ip address, but I can't enter the fqdn because the route can't work that way.

And here I am, unable even to try the connexion. So I can't use the service AT ALL.


Why not use http in this case? As you are already secured by your VPN ...


Simply because my server doesn't have http enabled for security purpose.

Anyway, I found a solution.
If you encounter the same problem, you have to edit the /etc/hosts of your phone or gateway so that the ip is linked to the FQDN.
In my case I had to add : mysite.com

That way owncloud can recognize the https as trusted.


You can also just setup a local DNS on your server (e.g. BIND9 or even dnsmasq) and push that DNS server via OpenVPN to your phone. Nothing really ownCloud specific if you ask me. :slight_smile: