Unable to enable or upgrade Market app


When ownCloud 10.5 was released, I upgraded, but in doing so, it disabled my Market app as the version I had, (0.5.1), was not compatible.

I am now running OC 10.5.10 on CentOS 7, with version 0.5.1 of Market installed, but disabled.

Due to the fact that I have no Market app, I am unable to upgrade any of my other apps as well.

I see that there is now a version 0.6 of Market available, but I cannot see how to upgrade to it?


I can uninstall the existing version of Market from within the web admin console. If I do this how would I install the new version?

Also, version 0.6 of Market says it is only tested up to ownCloud 10.5. I assume this means I will get exactly the same issue again if I upgrade ownCloud to 10.6?

Any advise you could offer would be much appreciated.

Usually you can download the apps, (including market) from the marketplace site
as a tarball and extract it under the apps directory.

But I don’t know if the market app differs from normal app. I’ve never done it that way.

EDIT: market 0.6.0 on oc10.6 without any problem.


Thanks alfredb

I’ll look into trying that then.


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