Unable to locate Data Directory

Dear Community,

Tis side Abhishek from India,

I have deployed owncloud in my environment and sync my mobile with it, its working perfectly and smoothly.
The server which I have deployed is a VM downloaded from bitnami.
Link from where I have downloaded the server build:


I am unable to locate user data directory as I need to fetch data from user data directory any want to sync it with other instance from backend.
My only ask is how to fetch data from backend, if there is no work around for it then incase if my instance goes down or some mishap happen with U.I then how a server’s data backup can be taken.

Please badly required support.

Abhishek Sharma

Hello Abhishek,

whatever Bitname may have packaged, you should leave some more information like enviroment, os etc, but anyway, since we have no information about all this (e.g. if you can use/reach a ahell or not), just a very basic information for you:

  1. Log in to the webUI as an admin.
  2. From the dropdown menu on top of the right side of the screen (usually named ‘admin’ then) , choose ‘Settings’.
  3. from the side menu on the left (lower part) in the ‘Admin’-area click on ‘General’
  4. now look at the ‘Generate Config Report’ on that page, the button itself is named ‘Download ownCloud config report’. click this button and download the config report.
  5. have a look at the downloaded file with an editor of your choice. It is a json file.
    6 Locate the path: “config”->" datadirectory"
    The value shown is the file path (with escaped slashes) you are using.

A general backup contains the files, a backup of the database used (depends on the database used) and the owncloud config file(s).
Directly on install, your owncloud may use SQLite. For a productive enviroment, this is not supported. Use another one, like MariaDB e.g instead, as you may have read in documentation, didn’t you?

Since all this is written in the quite usefull documentation , you should consider reading it, at least the key parts like installation and administration (maintenance etc).

Good Luck.

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