Unable to play .MOV files


I am running OC 10.6 on Ubuntu server and when I log into OC and click on a .MOV file to play it I get the following error: video could not be opened because the type is not supported.

I'm not sure but the message looks to me quite clear that the type of the video is not supported to be played.

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That's a bummer since I believe the default format for iOS today is .MOV?

I just did the following search:


and found:


which has two notes:

You can play videos in ownCloud with the Video Player app, by clicking once on the file. Please note, video streaming by the native ownCloud video player depends on your Web browser and the video’s format.


If your ownCloud administrator has enabled video streaming, and it doesn’t work in your Web browser, it may be a browser-related issue. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Supported_media_formats#Browser_compatibility for supported multimedia formats in Web browsers.

From what i know the .MOV format is just a container and could contain various different other video formats in it. So it could be possible that there is some unsupported multimedia format within that container.

Yes, after converting the .MOV files to .MP4 they are now able to stream via the video player. Thank you for your help.