Unable to recover deleted file


Does someone have a clear explanation of ownCloud file deletion (online)?

Current problems:

Some files do not show up in our “deleted files” folder, after being deleted. They just disappear.
The same occurs for deleted folders.
Sometimes, the deleted files show up in the “creator’s” “deleted files” folder, though another user carried out the deletion.

Basically, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Sunny regards,

Doesn't sound the right place you have posted this (and your other posts).

Where's the right place? Thanks Tom!

I think that the Server-Help category should fit here:

In any case tell us which Server version you are using and how it can be reproduced. The server category has a template for that. It sounds like you would "unshare" rather then "delete". There is a difference ... and there were some fixes for files in shared folders, etc. so running 10.0.2 would be best ...