Unable to share files with other users

I'm having issues trying to share files or folders. When I begin to type a name of a user I'd like to share the file with, the user's name comes up. When I click on it, the icon to the right of the name remains animated and continues to spin.

I'm unable to share the file.

Is there some setting I need to configure to get this to work?

Thank you in advance!

im sure that you have some errors on page , please take a screen shot from your console , ( press f12 , go to console tab in chrome ) ,

Here's the screen shot.

I think you should also provide some information about your setup / environment. From your post is seems its not even clear which ownCloud version you're running and that is a information which is IMHO absolutely the minimal info one should provide.

General Settings

If i'm opening a new thread in https://central.owncloud.org/c/server/help a template is shown to me. I think this might help if you use that template and fill it out completely to provide more info about your system / environment.

i meant , please take screen shot from console tab in develop console , you are giving 'element' info that is not useful . the left side is console , thank you