Unable to upload to external storage via the web

Expected behaviour
Have the ability to upload to external storage mounted SMB share that was mounted via the web GUI.

Actual behaviour
Unable to upload. Shows the error message that I do not have permission to upload in this directory.

Special configuration (external storage, external authentication, reverse proxy, server-side-encryption):
External storage added via SMB. Owncloud install is pulling accounts in via LDAP

Integrity status for oC9+

No errors have been found.

So well, that is a first starting point. The webservers user (e.g. www-data) don't have the permissions to write to that SMB share.

I sort of thought that was the issue, but I'm unsure exactly why this is the case.

I've connected the SMB share with proper creds. How exactly would I add www-data to my SMB share when the only share permissions are done via LDAP?

Your webservers user still needs to access the SMB share, no matter which creds are used. Stuff like SELinux for example could also cause such issues.

So, how would I go about giving access to www-data since I'm joined to the domain?

Hi, I'm having a similar problem, I am trying to upload files to my RPi based server, and have been trying to set up local external storage, I have four flash drives plugged into a USB hub in the meantime before I acquire an external hard drive. They are all set up and I can view them on the website, but even when logged in as admin I have no idea how to go about fixing this, the only thing it ever says is

"You don't have permission to upload or create files here"

Does anybody know what I can do?

See the previous post:

We also have a FAQ here describing some more things:

All the solutions I see for this issue are for users that are NOT joined to LDAP.

@RealRancor I think you're mistaken. Accessing to the SMB share by using the files_external app is a different thing and it doesn't matter the user the webserver is running. The credentials to access to the SMB share are provided while configuring the mount point in the admin (or personal) page.

@GarlandM Please provide the configuration data of the mount point (a screenshot might be enough if it's easier for you) and also information about where do you want to connect (Samba share, Windows 7, etc). It's really important the version of your ownCloud server (there have been changes regarding SMB permissions in OC9)

@RWwarner Check if your webserver can write into those drives. If everything is fine then open a new ticket because your issue seems a bit different than the one we're trying to solve here.