Uncheck a folder to sync but not dissapear in PC

I uncheck a folder to sync, but it does not dissapear in my PC. I have to delete it manually in my PC. When i try to sync again, nothing happens, but the folder is still in the web server.
Eveything is fine with the new foldero or files that i create or modify.

Expected behaviour

Uncheck the sync button, the folder shuld disappera from my PC
Checking agan, the folder should appears

Actual behaviour

I have to delete te file manually when I uncheck in the owncloud desktop app. It shold appears again when i check it again.



just to confirm it here: What you describe is exactly the expected behaviour with ownCloud.

That was discussed back and forth in the past, and of course there are different ways of handling that with different consequences, but: That is how we decided that it is.

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I continue having problems in windows.
I uncheck the folder, but it doesnt disspear, and know, there are folder in the web server but not in my pc.
Could to tell me or show me ne topic with any solution?


It is functioning as intended. OwnCloud does not work the way you are expecting it to. You need to adapt your behavior and your expectations as explained in the previous reply.


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