Understanding pending state

Hello everybody ,

I want to understand why ,on the Web UI , Pending is displayed instead of the folder's size.

What are the criteria of this display?

FYI : External shares is not enabled on our server.


Probably not all files are correctly indexed in your filecache-table. Normally this happens on external storage or if you added manually files to the data folder (which is not recommended).

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A folder appears pending if their size is "-1" in oc_filecache. It usually means that its content hasn't been scanned so the folder size is unknown since the contents size itself is also unknown.

Please refer to @tflidd's comment if you're not using external storage.

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Hello @tflidd and @PVince81, thanks you very much for your answers . Now i have to define how files are added manually ( users and I have no acces on server ). Have a nice week :slight_smile:

I have the same issue in my owncloud 10.0.2.
It seems to be the issue of server side that return with the wrong value of file size.

I used console.log to print out the fileData.size in 'apps/files/jsfilelist.js', and those 'Pending' folder size are negative.
After checking oc_filecache table, the 'Pending' folders in the oc_filecache has the size value bigger than 2G.
Also, when I add new sync folder into my owncloud client (Mac OSX version 2.3.2, build 4250), I saw the 'Pending' size folders in the Web UI do not have file size in the tree view of folder list.

I modified file 'lib/private/Files/FileInfo.php' in line 181, remove 'intval' function call of '$this->data['size']'.
Right now, it's ok for mine owncloud client and Web UI.:grinning:

If you're all on 32-bit architecture, then it's a regression introduced in 10.0, will be fixed in 10.0.3: https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/28649