Unresponsive script on users page

I have 155 registered users on owncloud. Also I have 200 groups.Many users belong to many groups. When I open users page on firefox mozilla I must wait page to be displayed. But after few seconds I see Warning: Unresponsige script.

My suggestion is to display users into pages, and maximum 30 users per page.
I have tested this on my computer with 4GB RAM, and server is Xeon with 16GB RAM.
When I open users page with google chrome, I also wait about 25s, and page will be displayed without problem.

I am very grateful for your understanding and hope that you will accept my suggestion to make the changes to display users into pages.

When posting such questions / issues please always include your used oC version. No one in here can guess this if you don't provide this info.

In this special case a partly workaround was already provided for oC 9.0.3:

Further discussions about better ways do handle this is ongoing at:

Its better to keep the discussion at the second link / discussion