Unsplash background image API fails (and solution !)

Hi everyone,

I’ve just upgraded my owncloud to version 10.6.0.
It seems that it now uses the Unsplash API to get random background image at the login page. I had an error picture of source.unsplash.com telling me that the picture cannot be found.
For what I’ve read, you now need an API key to use the service. By registering on the unsplash API (it’s free for certain ammount of requests/day), you can get your personal “access key”.

By using “grep” over the owncloud source code, you can see that the background image is set in:

You need to add the “client” variable, with your access key code as value to the URL
as like that

such that you have now the full url:

Now it works ! Of course, you can change the default resolution (1600x900) and background image keywords :slight_smile: