Update to 8.2.10 "could not find driver"

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I tryed to startz this update today. Everything was running fine, then there was an error and oc didn't leave the maintenance mode anymore. I used config.php to set state maintenance to false. Afterwards oc wanted to start the backup again. I couldn't find anything in the logfile until now. Only thing I found there was:


This time I used the console to start the update and got an error:

exception 'Doctrine\DBAL\DBALException' with message 'Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: could not find driver' in /var/www/vhosts/[mydomain]/httpdocs/deoc3/lib/private/db/connection.php:52

So, i checked php.ini, because I recently updated php to 5.6 but everything seems to be fine and backups are running fine. I just can't update to this build. I even tryed a version of oc 9 and it was not a problem to install it. My problem now ist, that I want to update my owncloud but I have no idea how to fix this problem. Any suggestions?

Do you need any further informations to help me?

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you need to be aware that PHP has different php.ini and loaded modules depending on the way you're calling PHP (e.g. running php from command line vs. running php within your webserver.

And if you're running the php command on the command line and you're getting this message this means the MySQL / SQLite / PostgreSQL PHP database drivers are not correctly loaded for the php command line binary. Most likely something is just messed up while upgrading PHP.

Thanks for your reply.

I upgraded php using plesk. Everything else is running fine. I also tryed the old php version that I used when I installed oc. But I had the same problem. Any Idea that could help to fix the problem?

Making sure that your php binary has loaded the correct database driver is the idea which could help to fix the problem as already explained above.

As this heavily depends on your environment and tools like plesk are adding an additional layer of complexity to this issue its not really possible to give specific help here.

The following command on your command line might help to identify your issue:

php -i

which needs to show at least the mysql and pdo_mysql drivers (if you're running MySQL).

For more support / help with this issue its advised to contact a community dedicated to plesk or your used linux distro.