Update 9.0.0 to 9.1


I tryed to update the oc Server but i have prublems to use the command
"sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade"

i get the result -bash: sudo: unknown command

what im doing wrong? i habe Debian 8 and using nginx.

thanks already

You haven't installed sudo. Either install and configure sudo or switch to the www-data user before running that command.

Thanks this was really easy :slight_smile:

now im getting
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method OCA\DAV\AppInfo\Application::setupCron() in /var/WWW/owncloud/apps/DAV/appinfo/update.php on line 25

all apps are deactivated.

best regards

Could be possible that you need to do a workaround like described here:

Also forgot to mention: Normally its recommended to update to the latest available oC version (9.0.4 as you're on 9.0.0) before doing the next major upgrade to 9.1.0

As 9.1.1 is also around the corner (will be released next week) you could also wait for that release to have the few known bugs in 9.1.0 fixed.