Update notifications by email?

I’ve seen the thread from 2018 on this question, but didn’t find it helpful. In advance: I am just a pure OwnCloud customer. I installed OwnCloud on our home server, and it mostly “just works”.

Mostly. When it stops working, it can be a server problem, or an internet problem, or - sometimes - I log into the web page, and it says it wants to install an update.

It would be enormously helpful if I could receive an email that an update must be installed.

If I look at the settings-page, under “General”, I have Updater set to “stable” and “Notify members” set to “admin”. The SMTP settings have been tested. Still, I have never received an update notification.

I must be missing something obvious. Can someone hit me with a cluebat?

p.s. I’m not thrilled that OwnCloud just shuts down when it wants an update. If triggering the update is so automatic - just a click - then maybe just install the update automatically?

Hi @Brad, welcome to the forum.

Are we talking about upgrades for the apps or for ownCloud itself?

Upgrades for the server itself.

I think, nobody forces you to update your server. Or do I miss something?
But I don’t know of any notification for new versions by email.

Sorry, perhaps my post was unclear, but: the server stops syncing when it wants updated. Visit the web-page, and it wants approval to update. Which I then give, of course, but this is a nuisance.

Moreover, the settings seem to indicate that an email should be sent, when an update is available.

I guess, this could be true, in case you loaded an update by your package manager. Or you configured your ownCloud to automatically update its apps. Both I’d never accept.

Which settings?

As I said in the post: Settings : General. There is a section that asks which group to send email to, in case of a pending update.

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