Update of Translation Files on ownCloud Instance

I would like to ask what is the correct and fastest way to update the translation files. For example, I just completed the translation of the “apps/files” on Transifex for a specific language. Then what is the correct and fastest way to update the translation files on ownCloud instance for the specific language? Do I have to wait for the update from ownCloud Market app? Is there faster way to do it?

Test: I have manually overwritten the old json and js file with the new json and js files with latest translations. But when I change the language to that language on ownCloud instance, The new translations are not loaded.

Expected behavior:
The new translation should be appeared when the language is changed to the language of updated translations.

I’d recommend to wait for the new app release so you don’t have to touch any code.

That works for me. Either you changed the wrong file (there could be several language variations and you changed the “wrong” one), or the browser / proxy is caching the file

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I am sure that I have overwritten the right file because the language has only one variation. I also tried to reload the page with Ctrl+Shift+R keys on Chrome. But, the new translation was still not loading.

I have found out that the new translation from Transifex will be synched to ownCloud master branch everynight, I thought there is some other way to do the same to the installed ownCloud instance. That would have been fantastic.

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